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Residence Stay


In 1 year or more case

JPY 55,000〜 (for 1 room, 1 month)
JPY 80,000〜 (for 2 rooms, 1 month)
in each month- plus your electrical charges.

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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.
I'm TAKA of this house caretaker.
This house has been called "Metropolitan Fukuju-so”.
This house is real traditional Japanese-style building in a historic about 150 or 200 years old.
Every rooms is a floor of Tatami mats so, every staying user should respect a Japanese traditional life-style.
It has been made by natural material, the room floor is a straw of a rush, and the wall is a clay and a plaster.
A pillar, a beam, a ceiling slab and outer wall board are a cedar tree.
A main part in an outer wall has be changed to the state of the charcoal, and has been sets.

It has 4rooms.
Largest room of the image A (4x3m). JPY 80,000 in each month- plus your electrical charges.
2 middle rooms (3x3m) plus a balcony. JPY 55,000 in each month- plus your electrical charges.
Small room (2x3m) for a exhibition of an art works.

But, a room for hire is to 2 rooms or less.
The room which isn't rented will be made sharing space, but there is time the caretaker sometimes occupies.

These room are different in character respectively.
The room of the image A has wide window and it's nice view.
The room of the image B has a balcony with a wood deck.
The room of the image C has a small garden of Zen style. (Tsubo- Niwa)

The kitchen, the restroom and the shower room are 1 respectively, and those scale is minimal size. (Japanese size)
So, that's a building when Japan was not a rich country, and it's also said like by Zen concept. (like a Minimalism)
As for these situation (of the equipment), it might be unconvenient for you because these are oldies style and not modern one.

The lifestyle of Japan will be totally different from your daily life and you may feel it to be very inconvenient.
However, when you get used in these strange lives for you, you'd notice that these lives is very comfortable and enjoying. So, I'll recommend you to stay for the long period as much as possible.

I have welcome a man who enjoy that adapting myself to the different lifestyle.

This house is in the quiet traditional residential area where has history.
It's difficult for person besides Kyoto person to live in such place because the neighborhood resident is conservative, and peculiar custom, original habits and domestic community but, please don't worry because these are my work.

It's off topics but, you can hear a cry of any elephant, a lion and a tiger from the Kyoto city zoo of a front side in here :-)



Kitchen Refrigerators, IH cooking heater, Microwave, Cooking tools, Cupboard, Dishes
Toilet and a paper,
Shower room and any kind soap.
Washing machine
3 Bicycles
free WiFi (It's connected anywhere inside this house.)


Air-conditioner, Electric carpet for winter, Bedding set (Mattress, Pillow, Quilt of a down, blanket, Sheets), Low table & Legless chair, Low desk, Bamboo mat for for placeing heavy thing. Clothe Hanger, 2nd floor Curtain, Trash box


Bicycles JPY300 for 1 day. (In long staying case, it become free.)
Washing machine (JPY200~300)
* Don't dry more than clothes for two people (6kg) because operation doesn't finish and causes of malfunction (breaks).
* Please ask for using way after check-in if you want it.


Those rule are on the basis of a thing not to trouble other tenants and the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Therefore, when understanding beforehand, it wouldn't be difficult.
Also, because the house of the old tree is easy to produce mold (smell) and a pest, everyday maintenance is indispensable for your comfortable life.

for Safety

No Smorking

Please don't smoke in this house and beside a woody house.
(In balcony and in garden, too.)
Because the old tree house can be burnt to very easy.

Please smoke a cigarette with a ashtray in the place apart from the woody house at outdoor. and be sure to put out the fire.

Please don't throw away a cigarette ash in a trash can and outside a ashtray.

Charging for a Battery

Please unplug a soket of an electric tool including a battery (PC, phone, camera, etc.) , when you leave a room.
Because a tatami mat or a wood may be burnt.

Heating at sleeping for winter

Please turn off the Kerosene heater when you sleep (go to bed), for the prevention of the disaster of fire.

A tenant only place

It's all share place other than the toilet.
The kitchen, the shower-room and other share place can't be used except for the man who is showed at your reservation.

In a case of a inviting your friends

It's ok but only when it's only at your room and with you, but it's untill 11pm.

for Housekeeping

A ventilation inside in Daytime

An old Japanese house is needed a ventilation for to don't get moldy so I will enter in your room for opening a window and for a maintenace in anyday.
* Because this house of base is natural material, it require daily care for the prevention of mold and pests.

Shoes off

Please off a shoes before entering the house.
It's ok to wear a slipper into the house except on Tatami-mat floor.
( As for on Tatami floor, no wearing a shoes please.)

The restroom (Toilet) is for only the wood sandal which set there.
Please change into that each time so for not to make a dirt on Tatami.

Tatami-mat (a straw rush floor)

Please don't drag (or put) a heavy (or hard) bag or a roller bag on a Tatami-floor.

Because Tatami-mat is weak for a water, please don't put directly a wet towel, a bottle, a cup.
Please walk in the room after a weting foot ( by rain or a shower) is wiped up well.
Because water drips and falls, please don't hung a something wet (laundry) in the Tatami room.

When the dirt which doesn't become clean by washing is given to Tatami, please pay a charge separately.
Please be careful not to drop any food and a drink.

for Other tenat, a residence


Sound isolation is not perfect so, please pass calmly during night to morning.

Please walk slowly (Especially when on a stair).
Of course, please never to run and jump.

Please finish the shower and the washing machine operating by 11:30 pm when other tenant stay 1st floor. (enter to shower room by 11 pm.)

The washing machine capacity limit; it's 6kg for dry and 9kg for only washing.
Please don't use beyond the capacity limit of the washing machine because it will became big murmur, big vibration and malfunction (non stop operation).

And a thick clothes is not possible to washing.
When operation of a washing machine doesn't end even if it passes for more than 3 hours and a half after starting please be stopped immediately because It's over the capacity of your laundry.

Don’t washing of clothes in the shower room or every sink because it become a nois and is occupied long time there.
(Because these space is minimaly)

Don't occupy share space.

Please refrain from the use of the long times with a continuation.

Please keep your garbage in each room.
Because the kitchen has no garbage-can, please take plastic bag oneself when you cook.

Please don’t leave puting your things in share space.

your Cooperation

Please wash in yourself a tableware which you used.
As for a cooking tool, please wash immediately since next user become easy.

Super host

I had supported as a super host for 3 years in Airbnb until June, 2017 at this house.
But my Airbnb listing has hidden because a new rule of staying business is applied by Japanese law from June 15th.
That licence of stay business may can't be acquired at my house by that new law because my house area is a traditional quiet residential area.






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Tel 050-7117-2593(担当タカ)